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The intersection between diet culture and sport with Sara Gross

July 03, 2023 Pam Moore / Sara Gross Episode 56
Real Fit
The intersection between diet culture and sport with Sara Gross
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#56 // Sara Gross, retired pro triathlete and founder of Feisty Media // Growing up, Sara Gross was one of the strongest, fastest, kids in her class. So she didn’t understand why she only saw women playing sports on TV once every four years, at the Olympics. Today, she’s a retired professional triathlete and the CEO and Founder of Feisty Media, a company she created in 2017 with the goal of creating an empowering culture for all active women. Feisty Media approaches change-making in a multi-disciplinary way, using four pillars of performance: Physiology, Nutrition, Mental Health and Culture.

After defending her PhD in Women’s History in 2008, Sara competed as a professional triathlete for 14 years and won two Ironman titles and two major championships.

Born in Canada, she went to high school in the United Arab Emirates, and has lived in Scotland, France, Switzerland, and the US. Sara currently lives in Victoria, British Columbia with her daughter Rosalee.

In addition to being the head Feisty Chief, Sara also hosts the Feisty Women’s Performance Podcast, and is an amateur CrossFitter.

In this interview we discuss…

  • How Sara became a pro triathlete
  • What it took for her to win her first Ironman at age 38
  • How inadequate nutrition impaired her performance
  • The intersection of diet culture and sport
  • Why Sara is actually grateful for PMS
  • How she’s negotiating perimenopause
  • The shift from endurance sports to CrossFit
  • The parallels between sport and entrepreneurship

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