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Intuitive Eating Principle 1: Reject the Diet Mentality (Part 3)

August 22, 2023 Pam Moore Episode 59
Real Fit
Intuitive Eating Principle 1: Reject the Diet Mentality (Part 3)
Show Notes

Episode #59 // Covering the first principle of Intuitive Eating: Reject the Diet Mentality, part 3- the importance of curiosity

I'm back with a solo episode on intuitive eating, discussing the first principle: Reject the Diet Mentality. (Quick backstory if you're new here: Intuitive Eating is a practice Evelyn Tribole and Eileen Resch originally presented in the 90's in the book Intuitive Eating, is now in its 4th edition.)

This is actually the third in a three-part series on the first principle of Intuitive Eating (the first two as well as an episode where I go over all the basics of IE are linked below). 

Why am I devoting three entire episodes to one principle? Because this is a hard one! Rejecting the diet mentality means undoing all the brainwashing we've been exposed to since basically forever. That means unlearning all the implicit and explicit messages we've ever absorbed, from friends, family, teachers, coaches, media, ad copy, product descriptions, and healthcare providers, etc telling us that thinner is better, weight loss is healthy, and that food is attached to morality (and mortality for that matter). 

Honestly, 300 episodes wouldn't be enough to cover this one topic. But in this third (and final) episode on Reject the Diet Mentality, I give you three strategies to help you undo some of that programming. 

First, though, I share a story (the Great Broom Heist of 2007) for the dual purposes of (hopefully) making you laugh and demonstrating just how easily we can dupe ourselves into believing our own lies. 


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